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Knowing the Species is Important

Proper identification is very important as certain products are species-specific. Never underestimate the commitment of pest birds to return to their home.

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Feral Pigeons are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive.
» About Pigeons


Sparrows are often a nuisance in urban areas like manufacturing and food processing plants. Gutters and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow nests can backup causing water damage.
» About Sparrows


Crows can overwhelm trees, creating a lot of noise and harassing people/animals in the area which can be a nuisance to suburban residents.
» About Crows


Grackles are aggressive birds who colonize in large numbers. They can be found at dump sites, food courts and other areas where food is present.
» About Grackles


Canada Geese are increasingly becoming the scourge of suburbia as their numbers have grown in the past decade from only a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.
» About Geese


Gulls are scavenging birds; they will eat everything from garbage to mice and insects. Flocks can create hazardous conditions to low-flying aircraft.
» About Gulls


Starlings rank just behind pigeons and sparrows as an urban bird pest. When the bird is in its flocking phase, thousands of starlings often overwhelm buildings and trees.
» About Starlings


Swallows can be a nuisance in suburban areas due to their nesting habits. The mud nests damage and deface the outer walls and eaves of buildings.
» About Swallows

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures are known to attack roofs, caulking and other exterior surfaces causing extensive damage, and leave bones and carcasses.
» About Turkey Vultures


Woodpeckers can be a nuisance in wooded regions of the country, primarily from the drumming sound they produce when pecking at trees and the sides of wood buildings.
» About Woodpeckers


Gridwire can solve a seagull problem

Gridwire can solve a seagull problemSummer represents hot weather and the beach. When the beach comes to mind, we can't help but think about those birds that hang out on the sand, seagulls. Gulls have the ability to drink both saltwater and freshwater, thanks to their salt removing glands. They are also considered to be scavengers as they will eat […] ...

Mist Net solves bird problem for food processing plant

A food processing facility in Texas recently moved into a new building, a high warehouse. Since doors were left open during work hours, sparrows managed to fly in to the facility. Raw materials and food are being processed in this facility, so the Health Department officials demanded a solution for this problem. Tom Regner, owner […] ...

Optical Gel Solves Woodpecker Problems

There is hardly a more annoying bird control problem than a woodpecker pounding a hole in the side of an expensive home or commercial structure. And because the birds are protected, there are very few things that can be done to resolve an issue. Homeowners can choose between loud hammering of holes at inopportune times, […] ...

Best Swallow Prevention Strategies Available

Best Swallow Prevention Strategies AvailableBefore you know it the swallows will return to make their mark on your customer's homes and businesses. These beautiful little birds can make an ugly mess on any overhang-type structure such as eaves, porch roofs, and underneath decks. Bird Barrier offers three different ways to repel the birds. All are safe and don't impact […] ...

Sparrow Trap Door is Finding Success in the Field

Bird Barrier?s new Sparrow Trap Door has met our expectations as evidence by several success stories we?ve heard in the past couple of months. The Sparrow Trap Door is a single-catch trap that does not look or function like a trap. Watch the video to see how the Sparrow Trap Door works. One satisfied pest […] ...

Dura-­Spike Bird Spikes Solve Problems Large and Small

The nice thing about Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike bird spikes is that it is fast and easy to install on both large and small jobs. Because it can be glued or screwed to both flat and curved surfaces, it is an ideal solution for pigeons in non-nesting environments. Take for example the two jobs done recently […] ...

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControl

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControlSite Description Pima College is a community college located in Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures. The Pigeon Problem Pima's main campus in the downtown area of Tucson consists of 11 large, low-rise buildings, expansive parking and tree canopies in a park-like setting. […] ...

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNet

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNetFor more than five years, starling and sparrow droppings created a mess on inventory being delivered to a loading dock. Each day, 15 – 20 trucks arrived to deliver supplies to this university in the southeast. The overhang provided shelter to the birds, whose debris landed on deliveries and campus police vehicles. The maintenance staff […] ...

OvoControl P Protects Chemical Plant

OvoControl P Protects Chemical PlantSouth Carolina has a highly developed chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical plants are typically characterized by large scope and extensive facilities and structures. ?All Things Nature,? a pest control service provider based in Easley, SC developed a plan to manage pigeons at one of these facilities. The plant is relatively isolated from other commercial or residential […] ...

Protecting your building from birds might protect birds as well!

Birds occasionally crash into windows and leave marks. Check out these bird imprints left on windows: » Bird Imprints Perhaps these homeowners could have used a visual bird deterrent, to protect their house and prevent birds from harming themselves. » Shop for Visual Bird Deterrents ...

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